Linux Hosting

Linux Hosting is one of the preferred options as compared to Windows Hosting. The attributes of Linux Hosting Services include MySQL encourage, PHP, Apache Web Server, Mod Rewrite, Chmod file approvals and many more. It is low-cost, fast, light, affordable and secured as well. Linux based websites are lighter, hence faster on computer as well as Mobile Phones. The protection and stability of your website is ensured. It is compatible with all the ecommerce platforms that are usually adapted by small scale enterprises and medium scale enterprises in India.

The reliability, speed, and functionality of LINUX Hosting are unrivaled. Combining industry-leading performance, reliability and affordable price are the encouraging attributes of LINUX Hosting. Fast and Reliable Connectivity, 24×7 Helpdesk, Unlimited FTP access, Cpanel access, MYSQL database, Php, CGI, Webmail, Graphical Statistics with up to 99.5% Up-Time guaranteed. All servers are safeguarded by professionally trained & skilled manpower.

Window Hosting

Windows Hosting is on a server that uses the Windows operating system. Simple but this doesn’t have much to do with the operating system you use to run your home computer. The primary reason for using Windows web hosting is that it offers ASP, ASP.NET and MSSQL. These are types of scripting languages and databases that only run on Windows. In addition Windows can also run all the web standards like PHP, MySQL, and more.